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TVT App Version 3.2

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Classroom Resources

Below we have a few links and other resources to help in your classroom while using the TVT App.

TVT App Version Updates

Version 3.2 07-16-21:

Controls and Tools updates:

  • Camera – We have added a new camera button with additional control options. This now includes; zooming in and out, panning or scrolling, 360 rotation, free looking, and a locking function when the camera button is not activated.
  • Ruler – We have added back the old ruler, but have still kept our newest ruler and will be making updates to both tools for increased improvement.
  • Selection Outline – You will now notice a red outline on the selected or active object in use.


  • The lighting system has gained additional color and quality updates. Additional major updates will be coming soon.
  • Stage shadows have been removed from the house and spot lights.


  • We have updated some of the GUI icons and elements, and will be continuing to add new icons for most props, tools and objects.

Performance Optimizations:

  • We have updated and improved performance for assets and other tools that will increase speed and quality of the TVT App.

Objects and Props:

  • We have added new objects and fixed textures, meshes and issues such as size or prop data causing users problems. More new props and objects will be added soon so look out for future updates.

Saving and Loading:

  • Scene saves have been adjusted to work more work efficiency and load faster.

TVT App Support and Resource Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 Why can't I login?

    The website account and app do not automatically connect to each other. You will need to register a your account and password on the app page before using it for the first time.

  • 2 How do add new objects?

    New objects can be added from the left dock menu.

  • 3 How do I change the color of my lights?

    The lighting color can be changed from the bottom right menu after selecting it from the top right menu or main screen.

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