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Welcome to the New Virtual Theatre. We hope you enjoy the New updates and look of The Virtual Theatre. 
Please see below for our new support ticket submission process.


-New Updates-

We are excited to introduce our newest version of The Virtual Theatre. We hope you are happy with all the newest features and updates.
Below is a change log that will be detailing updates and changes made to the current version on this page. 

Update 10-28-20:

Site Updates:

  • We now have a full support submission and ticketing system for bugs, errors or other requests. Please see below and the support page for additional information.

Ruler Updates:

  • The ruler tool has been changed to use 2 selectable endpoints.
  • This will allow the user to set ruler endpoints that will stay in the scene and be adjusted well moving other objects around.
  • The ruler points can be selected from the right tool panel and the endpoints are individually scalable.
  • Lighting has been updated for color improvements and better blending, more updates will be added in the future.

  • Stage has now been made adjustable for size and location.
  • Clipping issues have been fixed on the ruler and other text fields.
  • Scene loading speed and performance have been increased.
  • Copying and deleting issues for select objects have been fixed.
  • A Lock button on the left control panel has been added. This will lock objects and a locked object cannot be edited in any way until the object is unlocked.  


If you are experiencing any trouble with the virtual theatre app please submit a detailed support ticket. We will also be making account email and password changes using support tickets for the time being. 

All password and account changes that have been submitted will be updated every 3rd Saturday of the month during 11PM to 12am. When this process occurs the server resources will be unavailable, this will include; login, scene loading, saving, and other tools. We are working towards more costumer account controls and will be implementing these updates ASAP.

We will be doing one additional set of account updates on 10/31/20 from 11pm to 12am. Please submit any needed changes before this time.

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