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Welcome to the New Virtual Theatre. We hope you enjoy the newest updates to The Virtual Theatre. 
All users should register their email and password before attempting to login.
Please see below for our new support ticket submission process.

Printable Tutorial Sheet

-New Updates Version 3.1 -

We are excited to introduce our newest version of The Virtual Theatre. We hope you are happy with all the newest features and updates.
Below is a change log that has details, updates and changes made to the current version on this page. 
-Also please make sure to view the newest video tutorials located below.- 

TVT App Version 3.1 Update 01-22-21:

Controls and Tools updates:

  • Camera – We have added a new camera button with additional control options. This now includes; zooming in and out, panning or scrolling, 360 rotation, free looking, and a locking function when the camera button is not activated.
  • Ruler – We have added back the old ruler, but have still kept our newest ruler and will be making updates to both tools for increased improvement.
  • Selection Outline – You will now notice a red outline on the selected or active object in use.


  • The lighting system has gained additional color and quality updates. Additional major updates will be coming soon.


  • We have updated some of the GUI icons and elements, and will be continuing to add new icons for most props, tools and objects.

Performance Optimizations:

  • We have updated and improved performance for assets and other tools that will increase speed and quality of the TVT App.

Objects and Props:

  • We have added new objects and fixed textures, meshes and issues such as size or prop data causing users problems. More new props and objects will be added soon so look out for future updates.

Performance Optimizations:

  • We completed a full overhaul of the based TVT app. With these system updates we have increased our performance and frame rate by 300%. We truly hope you enjoy all of the improvements.

Youtube Tutorials:

We are working to create more tutorials and resources for our TVT users. Please view this video regarding the newest update.


Update 12-19-20:

We have updated our account and password system. This will fix any current freezing, password and account problems. We have also included a new password and account update system to make quicker changes. This means once a support request is made for a password change it will only take 24-48 hours for the update to be completed.

However please make sure you have completed all steps below.

  • Registered your email and password on the design page before first login attempt.
  • Reloading browser and clearing any stored cache or cookies. 


If you are experiencing any trouble with the virtual theatre app please submit a detailed support ticket. We will also be making account email and password changes using support tickets for the time being. 

All password and account changes that have been submitted will be updated within 24-48 hours Monday-Friday. 

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