Hello and welcome to The Virtual Theatre. I am so happy to have this out to help in the Theatre Arts classroom. Being a middle school teacher I always struggled with teaching tech. I only have a cafetorium and a regular classroom. I have no shop or well anything to help the kids learn basic design techniques they would need in High School. I came up with The Virtual Theatre. It is a 3D design tool for the classroom. We are constantly making upgrades to improve the site and fit your needs. As of right now you can change the size of the stage, add furniture, add people, add lighting and get a 360 degree view of your stage.

A few of the recent upgrades include improvements in the ability to save objects, being able to change the color of lighting & intensity. Lower the house lights to get a better effect.

Coming soon we will have the ability to add walls, make the people stand and sit. We have so much planned for this site and would really enjoy hearing about your experience with the site and/or what you would like to see from it.

Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to seeing your student designs and hearing your ideas.

Jeff Ott

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