45: Haley Rae Tucker

In one of the final TETA interviews, Haley Rae Tucker, from Santa Fe High School, was kind enough to tell a piece of her story in the Techland booth. @minorwisdompod minorwisdompod@gmail.com 

44: Jeffrey Ott

Jeff is not only a full-time middle school teacher but also an entrepreneur. They say, find a need and fill that need. That is what Jeff has done with Virtual Theatre. Enjoy the sounds of Starbucks in the background of this interview. Who knew a Starbuck...

43: Jacob Layton

Jacob has been on the podcast before but not as a solo artist. I know, I know, I am alienating the heck out of an already niche podcast by talking about wrestling with him, but there is value to listening to this interview because we do a heck of a...

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